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1. Certificate
Firstly your need a certificate
You can create one like this (for test purpose)

makecert -r -ss default -pe -n "" -b 01/01/2010 -e 01/01/2015 -sky exchange CompanyRoot.crt

makecert -is default -in "" -ss default -pe -n "" -b 01/01/2010 -e 01/01/2015 -sky exchange dev.CompanyRoot.crt

launch certmgr.msc and open "default" folder
you shoud see this is main certificate,
move it into "Trusted Root Certification Authorities".
Second certificate "" you could export to disk
as pfx file and use for signing documents.

2. Run pds.exe PackageFilename CertificateFilename Password
PackageFilename file name of packacge
CertificateFilename file name of certificate
Password certificare password
pds.exe c:\temp\mydocument.docx c:\cert\dev.CompanyRoot.pfx 1234

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